Månegarm – Bryggarsalen

By tottie • Stockholm, Tottie • 17 Feb 2014

Foto: tottie@accessrock.se

4 Responses

  1. You can always tell an expert! Thanks for cointiburtng.

  2. Bravo…truth of the matter is if you're doing these races for you, then no one's opinion besides your own matters. I'm not a typical runner either. I've been running 5 miles daily for years, and my "per mile" avg. still varies. The importance isn't on how long it takes you to finish, it's on you finishing. Continue to push yourself & be proud of your progression & accomplishments. I'm proud of you, keep it up & good luck!

  3. With the recent passing of my mother-in-law, I would love the Allsorts Multisize Picture Pocket, to create a collage of photos of her with my family (especially my 11 month old) so that she’s always around us.

  4. Papai Noel, não fique agourando, seu pessimista de uma figa, onde já se viu vc profetizar tamanha praga para a cidade, esta é a “PRAGA DO BENTO CARNEIRO” você disse:“e o pior, fatalmente, metade desse povinho vai estar nas proximas eleiçoes ai dentro denovo…” NÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃOOOOOOO, MIL VEZES NÃO, QUE NINGUÉM TE OUÇA, QUE ESSAS SUAS FALAS NÃO SEJAM OUVIDAS POR NINGUÉM. BATE TRÊS VEZES NA MADEIRA, “TOC, TOC, TOC……”rsrsrsrs NÃO MERECEMOS TAL CASTIGO!


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